Rediscovering Car Rentals As a Cheaper and more Flexible Option

So i recently rediscovered car rental services. I say that we rediscovered rental cars because for way too long I held the view that cars for rent were really only for businessmen who wanted to travel with a degree of luxury. However, car rental services exotic rentals miami actually are an helpful, and inexpensive alternative to public transportation or taxis.

Thousands of Americans live in situations where they have a valid driver’s license, but having a car just is not financial or spatially viable for them. Less than half of New York’s population owns a car, and under 30% actually use that car to get to work and around the city. In some situations public transportation is just the better and cheaper move.

But think about days past when you need transportation to somewhere that is off the public transportation grid? Sure airport taxi services are the popular choice between points, especially in places, but prices can climb very high, very quickly. Traveling just a handful of blocks in New york can cost almost $20. Outside of places, airport taxi prices grow even more, typical costing $15 for a couple kilometer trip. Recently a trip from a major city to an outlying town (roughly a twenty-five kilometer trip) cost me $150 plus tip ($30) and tolls (around $5)! There has to be a cheaper alternative and never having to pay ridiculous prices for those times when you need to visit for a few hours and public transportation isn’t an option.

Car rental services are often laid off as only for tourists and business travelers, but a cheap rental car can be a useful tool in a situation that demands flexible, reasonably priced travel. Depending on the model that you want to drive, rental cars can cost as little as $25 a day plus petrol and taxes. Had I been open to car rental services when i wanted to make my previously mentioned trip, it would have cost me around 60 dollars give or take (depending on state taxes and area gas prices) for your day’s travel. My trip would’ve essentially cost one third less than the expensive airport taxi did had I rooked a rental car deal.

Also, car leases can be extremely helpful. There are pick up and fall off options for those who cannot make it right to the vehicle rental business, meaning the vehicle rental service’s employees provides the rental car to you or pick it up during business hours. Also most car rental businesses provide a 24 hour fall off policy so that you can return the vehicle immediately when you’re finished. This after business hours service will assist you to avoid being invoiced for another days worth of rental time, further enabling you to minimize your costs and maximize your freedom. Next time you need transportation with flexibility don’t discredit a car rental service like Used to do, you’ll save cost and headache if you make the right choice.

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